Training Materials

Each year, tens of thousands of injuries related to powered industrial trucks (PIT), or forklifts, occur in US workplaces. Many employees are injured when lift trucks are inadvertently driven off loading docks, lifts fall between docks and an unsecured trailer, they are struck by a lift truck, or when they fall while on elevated pallets and tines. Most incidents also involve property damage, including damage to overhead sprinklers, racking, pipes, walls, and machinery. Unfortunately, most employee injuries and property damage can be attributed to lack of safe operating procedures, lack of safety-rule enforcement, and insufficient or inadequate training.

At MS Equipment, we believe that Employer Safety plays an integral part of keeping both operators and pedestrians safe. Consequently, we are providing the following resources to assist you in training your workforce in proper forklift operation.

  • Training Program Development
  • Training Outline
  • Sample Test
  • Daily Check-off List

These are just a few offerings of our safety training sessions, if you require other training materials please feel free to contact us to see how we can best help you!